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  • 通过定制解决方案,优化的活动和先进技术来最大限度地提高可靠性和可用性
  • Direct access to vast OEM engineering knowledge, to anticipate and solve any support requests
  • Take advantage of remote support capabilities without mobilizing personnel to site
  • In its 12 years so far, the TTA has conducted 600,000 hours of training in 2,300 sessions with 14,000 attendees
  • 宽范围的能力,以适应任何客户要求,从特定于任务专家到多技能人员
  • Advanced technologies and innovative devices to optimize execution and further improve HSE and productivity
  • Midstream and downstream oil and gas
  • Planned/unplanned maintenance execution; troubleshooting
  • Upgrade, installation, commissioning, start-up



Field Services



The Baker Hughes Turbomachinery & Process Solutions (TPS) field service team has over 1,000 personnel across seven regions. Regional teams are fully autonomous to fulfill local customer requests. When additional support is needed for specific expertise or extra capacity during peak demand periods, additional Field Service Engineers can be mobilized from the Field Service Center of Excellence at our headquarters in Florence, Italy.


Our Field Service Engineers (FSEs) provide technical assistance to customers and/or subcontractor site personnel during the execution of field activities. They are responsible for supervising and executing field activities, ensuring that scope of work is performed in line with customer specifications and Baker Hughes standards, quality and HSE requirements. They're accountable for monitoring, recording, and reporting the work progress, and for documenting all non-conformance issues that may arise.

Field Service Engineers

Field personnel skills and training

TPS Field Specialists and Field Supervisors competencies are mapped with a matrix by product and type of activity (eg: service and installation). For each product line, we've defined four seniority levels: FSII, FSIII, FSIV and Master Level. Each technical skill listed in the Competency Matrix is covered by a dedicated training program, and linked to a specific training path.


The mission of our Technical Training Academy(TTA) is to provide TPS Field Specialists and Field Supervisors with the highest quality training on turbomachinery products and services. Our new, enlarged facility occupies approximately 2,200 square meters with nine classrooms/labs, videoconferencing facilities, a virtual reality lab, and a dedicated training workshop.

We've spent over a decade continually investing in and evolving this facility's capabilities:


  • First dedicated training building opened
  • Technical competency model adopted, and initial training program launched


  • Launched the field engineer certification program
  • 实践设施以200万美元的投资开通
  • Heavy-duty gas turbine and centrifugal compressor capabilities


  • Commissioning and start-up on real units
  • Reciprocating compressor capabilities


  • 关注下游产品,如汽轮机and centrifugal pumps
  • 实践能力
  • Enhanced training portfolio


  • Heavy-duty gas turbine consolidation, expanding to new different models
  • Aeroderivative gas turbines hands-on capabilities
  • Pilots for Virtual Reality applied to training
  • Multi-skill and cross training program launched


  • Virtual Reality from pilot to stable operation in all courses
  • 实现了超过40万小时的培训
  • Created the first full immersive Virtual Reality training scenario


  • First Power Transmission training delivered—increasing multi-skill and cross-product capabilities
  • 往复式压缩机的集成,流程和过程技术(阀门)和动力传输
  • Virtual Reality into operation from outage preparation to the in-field execution
  • New competency model designed and piloting for Field Service Engineers

3D digital outage simulation

From laser scanning to outage simulation

We use 3D laser scanners and 3D modeling to build an accurate digital twin of any plant site and equipment in order to plan optimized maintenance activities. The many advantages include:

  • Reduced HSE risk (lifting plan, clash and handling analysis)
  • 降低中断持续时间(较低的成本,提高生产率)
  • 智能工具服务
  • VR在中断时工人/运营商的技术简报
  • 4D sequence, integrating Gantt schedule

Field Services 3D
Virtual simulation of a field working activity

Field Services 3D
Virtual simulation of a field working activity

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