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  • 扩展维护间隔,降低运营成本,增加单位生命
  • Enhance efficiency and plant output, and simplify equipment operation with unmanned solutions
  • Reduce greenhouse emissions, and introduce new energy solutions
  • Brownfield executional excellence to minimize plant impact and turnaround time
  • Advanced materials and component designs that improve stress and temperature resistance as well as performance efficiency
  • 组件更换的完整能力升级或更换老化单位,以及植物要求的相关余额
  • Gas and steam turbines, electric motors, generators
  • Centrifugal, axial, and reciprocating compressors
  • Expanders, pumps, auxiliaries, control systems, balance of plant

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Featured Video

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Baker Hughes NovaLT™12 gas turbine—upgrade aged Frame 3 turbine



Technologies, engineering capabilities, and regulatory requirements evolve all the time—and there are many ways to bring the performance of aged turbomachinery more in line with current standards.

Our experienced personnel continually develop and integrate new technologies that increase equipment productivity in the most economical ways. The result is a wide range of conversion, modification and upgrade (CMU) solutions that improve the availability, reliability, emissions, productivity, and lifecycle costs of our customers' installed equipment.



Below are just a few examples of the many CMUs we offer.

How to get more from your aeroderivative gas turbines

DLE 1.5 upgrade to reduce emissions for LM2500 and LM2500+ turbines

来自LM2500 + G4发动机的先进燃烧技术(包括升级的设计,材料,涂料和增强的冷却)集成到安装的LM2500基本发动机或LM2500 +涡轮机(SAC和DLE 1.0版本中)。它将25ppm的NOx发射降低至15 ppm,CO2至25ppm-and,并且可以在某些情况下扩展到单位数字排放。汽车绘制也可用于多种发动机型号。


PGT25+G4 airfoil upgrade for better performance in hot and cold ambient conditions

Engines are typically designed for best performance at ISO conditions, but many installed units actually operate at hotter or cooler ambient conditions. Changing airfoil profile makes it possible to optimize performance at a specific ambient temperature. Our engineers can study your operating conditions to identify the improvement potential, and then we can redesign and produce low-pressure turbine (LPT) airfoils to obtain new tent curves.

LM2500和LM2500 +热部分维护扩展升级升级

We utilize advanced hot section technology from the LM2500+G4 for an installed LM2500 base engine or LM2500+ (SAC, DLE 1.0 and DLE 1.5 versions). It includes upgraded materials for high stress and temperature resistance, coatings, and enhanced secondary cooling, as well as innovative new digital control features. This solution extends maintenance intervals for the hot section from 25K hours of duty up to 50K hours, reduces operating costs, and increases unit life.


CMU Steam Turbine

High-efficiency stages


Sealing technology replacement (efficiency and intrinsic safety)

Our latest back-spring seals can be installed with shorter maintenance time, since replacement is done on the blade-carrier with a faster re-assembly procedure. No additional machining is needed, and the rotor and blade-carrier lower half do not need to be removed.

Our abradable seals improve turbine maintainability versus traditional strips seal labyrinth seals, and you can expect 0.4% to 1% lower steam consumption.



We provide both electro-hydraulic and electro-hydrostatic valve controls.

The hydraulic option features:

  • Precise position control and fast response time
  • Redundant Linear Variable Differential transformer (LVDT) position sensors
  • High tolerance to contaminants, operates on oil filtered to 24–40 microns
  • 有限的硬件修改和无手动站点校准


  • Simplified package
  • Reduced weight and footprint
  • 即插即用 - 无分隔的现场装配或安装项目

How to get more from centrifugal compressors

High-efficiency stage technology

Development of the core impeller is the key to improving performance. Our impellers portfolio covers all service requirements, and is continually evolved and updated based on extensive analysis of data from tests and our global installed base. The results are exceptional performance and predictability.

Thermoplastic labyrinth seals to improve efficiency

Common metallic seals are designed with large clearance to avoid contact with rotating elements during operation. Some metallic materials are generally subjected to degradation due to corrosion interaction with gas contaminations, such as chlorides, mercury, and acidic environments.

Our retrofittable labyrinth seal system has reduced clearance thanks to an innovative material that guarantees a better response in case of transient or prolonged contact of the two surfaces. The system can be made from reinforced PEEK, PEK, PAI or VESPEL CR-6120. It delivers a proven polytropic efficiency increase, and is compatible with harsh environments.

Abradable seals


We therefore offer a teeth-on-rotor (TOR) design with statoric seal in abradable material compatible with extreme ambient conditions. : Al-based METCO601 thick coating is compatible with all environments except mercury, and has no temperature limitations. MICA-filled PTFE (e.g. Fluorosint 500®) is compatible with harsh environments including sour and acid gas, mercury, and chlorides. Our design also minimizes gap leakages, and delivers proven polytropic efficiency increases.

How to get more from reciprocating compressors


Our latest cylinder valves have rings shaped to reduce gas pressure losses, and more rings with increased geometric flow area. There are smoother gas passages in the valve seat and guard, lower impact velocities and lower alternate stresses on springs, and new spring caps that avoid contact between spring coils and valve guards. This design enables efficiency up to 40%, 3x longer part life, and improved reliability.



  • 改进的抽吸形状和排出流动路径
  • Reduced dynamic pressure losses
  • Improved compressor efficiency

New cylinder technology

CMU New Cylinder


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