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Our next-generation technology is smarter, simpler, and more efficient. It is designed ensure your subsea system is easier and more economic to install, operates smoothly, and has the flexibility to evolve over the life of your field.


The Aptara family of products combines an innovative approach with industry-first patented technologies to deliver subsea systems that have shorter lead times, lowering initial CAPEX and ensuring OPEX savings over the life of your field—making it a TOTEX-lite family. Our radically different life-of-field approach brings you a suite of products that is lightweight, compact and optimized to reduce TCO. The main building blocks of the Aptara subsea system are:

  • Aptara轻量级小型树
  • Aptara模块化紧凑型歧管
  • Aptara模块化紧凑型泵
  • Aptara综合屈曲
  • Aptara SFX wellhead solution
  • Aptara海manbetx 靠谱吗底连接系统
  • FLX360多快连接系统
  • HCCS-L轻型水平钳位连接系统

The Aptara lightweight compact tree uses unique, patented tree caps that allow the tree to be configured to suit changing requirements—reducing cost and increasing value over the life of your field. These innovative caps also eliminate the need for independent modules and connections, reducing your costs further. Being 50% lighter than traditional trees, and with a considerably smaller footprint, Aptara lightweight compact trees can reduce your subsea system’s CAPEX and OPEX by up to 50% over the life of the field.


Aptara紧凑块歧管提供了使用现成部件,减少循环时间,成本和占地面积的模块化,模块化的模块化,预工程歧管的需求。我们已经实现了一定程度的标准化,将工程限制在歧管标题,结构钢和基础上,导致速度更快,风险和成本降低。对于最常见的配置,歧管将是一个有待订购的变体,具有零产品工程 - 并在合同颁发的10个月内交付。


TheAptara MCP海底系统是世界上第一个没有屏障流体系统的海底多相泵,降低了50%的顶部占地面积和切割系统成本。标准预定的1 MW构建块使MCP能够快速轻松地配置为不同的现场要求,并且我们的现场设计方法在减少TCO的独特功能中是显而易见的。

The stages are controlled individually by local subsea variable-speed drives that allow the pump to react and adapt dynamically to changes in wellstream conditions. This ensures high inherent reliability as high-risk items such as mechanical seals are not needed. It also effectively eliminates the need to re-bundle the hydraulics during the life of the field.


复合立管柔性管是梯度变化的产品。它为水域中的超深水应用提供了高达约10,000英尺(3,048米)的经济有效的解决方案。这款新产品是一种传统柔性管道设计的混合动力车,引入了21世纪的材料技术,用于一个特定的层 - 节省30%的重量,而不会影响弯曲半径或压缩负载能力。


For flowlines and jumpers, we retain the flexibility this product brings with regard to final layouts, accommodating re-spuds and early deployment/wet storing of pipe to suit installation windows of opportunity, which may occur off the project critical path. For high-sour and high-CO2 developments in particular, this hybrid composite pipe significantly reduces permeated gas-flow rate through the pipe annulus, reducing operational risk and bringing cost benefits over the field lifecycle.

Aptara SFX wellhead solution

TheAptara SFX wellhead solutionis focused on improved fatigue resistance to maximize life-of-field options for the operator. The Baker Hughes life-of-field approach to design translates into production enhancement through well intervention activities even in late life and longevity of field operations—all with a lower risk profile than traditional wellhead systems. The Aptara SFX wellhead solution enables you to plan your well activities reliably and with greater confidence for years to come.

Aptara海manbetx 靠谱吗底连接系统

TheAptara FLX360 multi-quick connection (MQC) system在海底分配系统的所有元素之间实现快速可靠的连接。它采用了专利的锁定机构,留下了海底上的一部分设计。连接系统的复杂性容纳在可检索和维修的ROV工具内。其独特的现场设计也允许原位维护,无需断开连接器,从而减少TCO。Aptara FLX360系列延长至可靠而紧凑的连接,可用于钢管飞行引线,以及在眼镜蛇头组件中的脐终端。

TheAptara HCCS-L海底系统是一种经过验证的水平连接器,适用于刚性和柔性的跳线和线轴,以及使用多孔集线器技术的脐终端。HCCS-L系列设计为更轻,更小,优化,以减少化妆时间,从而允许快速安装。该范围配有预安装的笔划工具,需要更少的海底操作,减少连接时间超过30%。独特的Baker Hu万博manbext登录网址ghes Push型抚摸功能允许使用预先安装的抚摸工具进行充分访问清洁和盖子。

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