The Baker Hughes Code of Conduct

我们的行为准则包括我们的反贿赂和腐败政策,which prohibits bribery in all business dealings, in every country around the world, with governments, employees of state-owned companies and the private sector, or anyone else whatsoever.

我们的反歧视政策, also included in Our Code of Conduct, prohibits discrimination or harassment against any employee or applicant based on race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, veteran status or other characteristic protected by law. Our policy also prohibits retaliation for concerns raised in good faith.


In November 2019 we launched Our Way, the newly refreshed Baker Hughes Code of Conduct. The code of conduct is titled “Our Way” because it is premised upon doing things the right way, the ethical way, and the compliant way. It’s in our DNA to act with integrity in all that we do, and our code of conduct reflects that core belief. By consistently demonstrating this commitment; we distinguish ourselves in the industry and strengthen the trust between us, our employees, customers, suppliers, and the public; maintaining our reputation as a responsible business. Our Way serves as a reminder that as we take energy forward, we are expected to act with integrity in all that we do.

我们致力于确保员工,增刊iers, and partners understand and conduct their activities in accordance with our code of conduct. We take active steps to offer global learning courses in various formats and languages so that our integrity and compliance expectations are clear and understood. In 2019, we offered tailored courses in many areas, some of which are included below:

1. HSE.



4. Controllership

5. Supplier relationships

6. Securing operations globally


8. Conflicts of interest

9. International trade compliance

10. Intellectual property


12. Anti-money laundering

13. Cyber security and privacy

14. Insider trading and stock tipping



A global structure of compliance counsels and professionals provides advice, training, and support in places where Baker Hughes does business.


A Compliance Review Board, composed of senior officers of the company meets quarterly, as well as Product Company and regional compliance committees.

Risk Assessments


Employee training

Our comprehensive employee training program targets key risks that employees face on an ongoing basis. In 2019 a total of 59,464 employees, representing 94.2% of our workforce, completed ethics and compliance programs, including Code of Conduct training.

Open Reporting Environment


Data privacy

Privacy and cybersecurity

万博manbext登录网址Baker Hughes非常重视安全和数据隐私。鉴于我们的全球足迹以及网络攻击的增加的复杂性,网络安全和隐私保护是我们风险管理和可持续发展管理系统的关键部分。

万博manbext登录网址贝克休斯protects our digital systems and data through a comprehensive cybersecurity management program. We follow the NIST cybersecurity framework and conduct third party reviews of our program. We operate a comprehensive Cyber Fusion Center to coordinate resources, reduce incident response time and shift toward a proactive cyber defense model. In addition to hardening our own cyber defenses, we assist our customers in maintaining the security of their systems via our Nexus Control Systems business.


Our cybersecurity and data privacy program is conducted with board level oversight, and quarterly reports are provided to the Board of Directors.